DNA barcoding

DNA barcoding is a reliable, cheap and fast method for the identification of species of animals, plants, and fungi. The method relies on DNA sequencing and is applicable to immature stages like larvae and eggs of insects, and requires only minimal amounts of tissue.

Barcode sequence data are available for 47 species of Pergidae, covering all subfamilies except the Parasyzygoniinae (see list of species below). DNA barcoding data of the Pergidae were published as part of a major DNA barcode release of the Symphyta. The neighbor joining  tree below shows distinct barcode gaps between species and indicates the presence of cryptic diversity in some taxa.


Species of Pergidae barcoded

Subfamily Species BIN
Acordulecerinae Acordulecera sp. BOLD:ACA8038
Acordulecerinae Acordulecera sp. BOLD:ACA8039
Acordulecerinae Acordulecera sp. BOLD:ACA8040
Acordulecerinae Acordulecera sp. BOLD:ACA8041
Acordulecerinae Acordulecera sp. BOLD:ACA8129
Acordulecerinae Acorduloceridea compressicornis BOLD:ACA8033
Acordulecerinae Anathulea sp. BOLD:ACA8007
Acordulecerinae Busalus sp. BOLD:ACA8099
Acordulecerinae Giladeus tuxius BOLD:ACA8122
Acordulecerinae Phylacteophaga froggatti BOLD:AAY1603
Acordulecerinae Quetutus sp. BOLD:ACA8058
Acordulecerinae Tequus schrottkyi BOLD:ACR0557
Conocoxinae Conocoxa chalicipoda BOLD:ACA8094
Loboceratinae Aulacomerus atriventris BOLD:ACA8067
Perginae Acanthoperga marlatti BOLD:ACA8016
Perginae Antiperga antiopa BOLD:ACA8047
Perginae Perga affinis BOLD:ACA8002
Perginae Perga kirbii BOLD:ACA8000
Perginae Perga schiodtei BOLD:ACA8019
Perginae Pergagrapta latreillii BOLD:ACA8001
Perginae Pergagrapta polita BOLD:ACA8127
Pergulinae Haplostegus epimelas BOLD:ACA7983
Perreyiinae Ancyloneura sp. BOLD:ACA8021
Perreyiinae Ancyloneura sp. BOLD:ACA8107
Perreyiinae Clarissa sp. BOLD:ACA8089
Perreyiinae Decameria vyssus BOLD:ACA8017
Perreyiinae Decameria sp. BOLD:ACA8011
Perreyiinae Decameria sp. BOLD:ACA8018
Perreyiinae Eurys sp. BOLD:ACA7988
Perreyiinae Eurys sp. BOLD:ACA8146
Perreyiinae Neoeurys sp. BOLD:ACA8057
Perreyiinae Perreyia flavipes BOLD:ACA7989
Perreyiinae Perreyia nigriceps BOLD:ACA7985
Perreyiinae Perreyia picea BOLD:ACA7990
Perreyiinae Perreyia sp. BOLD:ACA7991
Perreyiinae Polyclonus atratus BOLD:ACA8077
Philomastiginae Philomastix macleaii BOLD:ACA8060
Pterygophorinae Lophyrotoma analis BOLD:AAX6683
Pterygophorinae Lophyrotoma analis BOLD:AAX6683
Pterygophorinae Lophyrotoma analis BOLD:AAX6683
Pterygophorinae Lophyrotoma interrupta BOLD:ACA8032
Pterygophorinae Lophyrotoma zonalis BOLD:ACA8054
Pterygophorinae Lophyrotomasp. BOLD:ACA8013
Pterygophorinae Lophyrotomasp. BOLD:ACA8013
Pterygophorinae Pterygophorus insignis BOLD:ACA8026
Pterygophorinae Pterygophorussp. BOLD:ACA8069
Pteryperginae Pteryperga galla BOLD:ACA8131
Styracotechyinae Styracotechys dicelysma BOLD:AAZ9626
Styracotechyinae Styracotechys dicelysma BOLD:AAZ9626
Styracotechyinae Styracotechys dicelysma BOLD:AAZ9626
Syzygoniinae Lagideus sp. BOLD:ACA8117